In the current state of the entertainment industry, we are currently capable of turning any weekend into an overwhelming, euphoric experience. Music festivals have become so unbelievably commonplace that we sometimes tend to take the effortless consolidation of the world’s top artists for granted. Although it’s an unfortunate state of reality, it’s easy to forget that there are billions of people who will never have the opportunity to experience the exhilarating rush of dancing with hundreds of thousands of people, mind-boggling light shows, and of course the bass-pounding music. Diplo was recently hit with this adverse reality, and has a heartwarming message to remind us of the true significance of music:

I spent 24 hours in Islamabad… Meeting young musicians, new fans, students, embassy folks, parents, artists, security…

Posted by Diplo on Saturday, February 27, 2016

I attended somewhere from 10-15 music festivals in 2015, so reading this set me aback for a second. My everyday problems consist of trying to find the right place to have dinner, and making sure I finish an essay before I watch Netflix. Going to a music festival never really loses its gusto for me, but I regretfully admit that I do take this euphoric privilege for granted. So next time you complain about DVLM and Afrojack playing at the same time on different stages, maybe think twice about where you are and what opportunities you’ve been granted.