Tiësto’s recent tour across Norway, dubbed the Northern Lights tour, was a massive success as the Dutch star returned to where it all began. In the recap video, Tiësto talked about how Norway holds a a special place in his heart for helping start his career.

When he was starting out, Tiësto worked in a records shop selling his CDs on the side, as no label would release it. One day he gets a call from a customer in Norway who was so impressed by his CD, he wanted to order 5,000 copies to resell. Tiësto says that this moment was one of the pivotal moments in the start of his career.

Because of his love for Norway, Tiësto ended up making a special remix just for the tour. You can say Tiësto is too commercial but when it comes right down to it, Tiësto loves his fans just as much as he did when he began. Check out the video below:


H/T EDM.com | Image via Jordan Loyd