A record label assistant has just revealed the details of a drug-oriented debacle regarding the actions of her troubled boss, whom she only refers to as ‘C’. Katy Irizarry, a Staten Island-native, came clean about the less-than-questionable actions of her boss, as he apparently asked her to pick up MDMA and cocaine from his drug dealer repeatedly (via xoJane). These detestable acts, which also included sexual propositioning, carried on for weeks on end after the aforementioned executive broke up with his previous girlfriend.




Although she refused to name the record company, a quick search on Irizarry’s LinkedIn profile reveals she recently worked for Eagle Rock Entertainment. The high-profile record label has offices in New York and London, which is why it took so long for Irizarry to report her bosses’ irresponsible behavior. While she was absolutely floored by his actions, she was afraid of reporting them to the other bigwigs of the organization because she feared being “blacklisted from the industry for snitching.”

The likelihood that this is currently the only ongoing case of its kind is slim to none, as up-and-coming industry magnates experience an enormous pressure to establish themselves in the music world. The fact that this horrid exhibition of abusive immorality only warranted a temporary suspension shows that this kind of behavior is not incredibly uncommon.


H/T Daily Mail