If you haven’t heard the latest release from Saturate! Records yet, you are seriously missing out. Continuing their devotion to everything weird, wild, and wonky, the Reset EP from Pleasure is a veritable wave of booming bass, saucy synths, and nostalgic sample-work. You can check out our full coverage of Reset here; in the meantime, though, we’ve got an extra special treat from the label for your viewing pleasure.

To compliment Pleasure‘s newest beats, the Saturate team curated an original music video. Set to ‘Something Like This’, a collaboration with fellow newcomer, Jimmy Pé, the video features two innately talented dancers: Otec Mirec and Mulla. Their precise and robotic style of movement perfectly match the glitchy nature of the music, and the routine culminates into dance battle somewhere between Footloose and Mortal Kombat. It’s really no secret that dance, in all it’s varying styles, is a fairly integral part of bass music culture, so it’s extremely refreshing to see dancers getting some time in the spotlight; especially when their moves are displayed against such an intense and eclectic backdrop. The full stream can be found after the jump; peep game when you can and enjoy the spectacle.


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