It’s a goal of ours to support emerging projects in and around the dance music scene whenever possible, and we get to do just that today. It is with great pleasure that we bring you the latest track from Washington’s Kozmo, part of the debut release from the newly born, Anomaly Music Collective.

Having just revealed their existence to the public today, the Anomaly crew is introducing themselves properly with a compilation album bursting at the seams with dank beats and dope tunes. Kozmo‘s tune ‘Ow Now Brown Cow’ is among them, and he certainly went all in on it. The collective is based in his hometown, so he cranked things into overdrive and created an absolute beast of a track. Garbled, alien gibbering can be heard behind walls of mid-range bass and booming 808 kicks, giving things a distinctly otherworldly feel as everything pulses towards the last note. The rest of the compilation bumps as well, so be sure to check it all out; best of all, you can download the whole album for the low, low price of free!


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