Rain Man has been steadily cultivating his own brand after splitting from Krewella, however his newest work, “Bring Back The Summer,” is undeniably cast from the same thread as his contributions with the Yousaf sisters. He even went on to mention the trio’s history in an interview about the track.

“Back in 2012 with Krewella when we released ‘Alive,’ we almost didn’t put that song out because we had been making dubstep and bass songs. We thought it was so much different than our other stuff and didn’t know if we could put it out because this was 2012. […] If we didn’t release ‘Alive’ when we did – because we thought it was too poppy and people wouldn’t respect us – our career would’ve had a very different trajectory. So when ‘Bring Back the Summer’ was on my plate, I just said, ‘F— it, it’s music. Let’s put it out.'”

A giant departure from his releases of 2015, “Bring Back The Summer” lends itself to aerated toplines and sweeping ambiance. Oly’s vocals are a gorgeous complement, and the chopped skats of the breakdown round out a delectably produced pop tune. Don’t expect Rain Man to stick to just one thing anytime soon, he’s got plans for making everything from “dubstep, to drum & bass, to pop, and even some acoustic if I can.”


H/T Billboard