Just as he’s been kicking off his Fantastic Voyage Tour, Los Angeles-bred producer/DJ Justin Jay has found the time to turn out a new remix of “Work Me” from fellow Dirtybird frontrunner Billy Kenny. Justin redirects Billy Kenny’s more UK Garage-centered track into one fit for a night of partying on the Pacific Palisades. Acting as his first release of the year, the remix features a more bouncy, hypnotic house feel by mixing together some funky basslines, subtle percussion, and hints of wobbling synths. Not only does the remix come out during his ongoing tour, but also on the brink of the release of his upcoming EP on Black Butter Records. With almost a year out of college behind him, the 22-year-old producer has been busier than ever and shows us that he’s not ready to slow down anytime soon. Download the remix here, and buy tickets/see the full list of his upcoming tour dates here.