Deadmau5 is the gift that keeps on giving. We’re so happy he has his studio up and running (as well as the glorious mobile studio he had set up during the mau5hax tour) – while he’s not criticizing Sirius XM on Twitter or playing shows, he’s making more music than ever and sharing every bit of it.

In the past 11 hours, it seems he’s been experimenting with something more glitch hop elements, something we’re all too excited for. The genre has mostly seen a decline from the limelight without new music from The Glitch Mob or other notable figures. (Yes it exists, it’s just not getting booked for festivals.)

Most recently, in fact just this morning, deadmau5 uploaded “Name Your Track” which incorporates some more glitch hop elements you might hear from pillars like Tipper or edIT. Next most recent is actually a VIP or remix of his own track, “Cthulhu Sleeps.” And finally, the oh-so-hilariously titled “yoloswagbae” which combines deadmau5’s incredibly melodic and soothing chord progressions with a more in-your-face and punchier synth arrangement.

If you’re wondering where mau5 got some of the samples for “Name Your Track,” well…