Avicii’s latest creation is a sponsored piece for Coca-Cola with Conrad Sewell called “Taste The Feeling.” Rather than any of the tracks you might hear on Stories or True, “Taste The Feeling” is a straight up pop record that sounds more similar to the typical Top 40/Taylor Swift fare.

It’s not bad by any means, and we can’t fault Avicii for finding a lucrative deal with a worldwide major brand, but just don’t expect to hear him drop this in any sets in the future.

“This project was a no-brainer for me in many ways,” Avicii said. “Coca-Cola is one of the brands and long-term relationships where I don’t have to compromise my own integrity and persona to get behind. I really liked the original demo and after some intense weeks in the studio working on the production and trying to nail down the right vocalist for the song, we were able to present a finished version to Joe and the team that just turned out amazing.”

Learn more about the song and campaign on Coca Cola’s website.