Taking a tasteful video for your Snapchat story or Instagram has become an absolute necessity for festival-goers nowadays. I mean, if you don’t let every friend and quasi-acquaintance know you were at Ultra, did you even go?

In all seriousness, data usage at festivals has always piqued my curiosity. It seems like every crowd member hastily pulls out their phone the moment an EDM superstar hits the stage. Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival, which took place last weekend in Okeechobee, Florida, is definitely no exception, as they just released some startling statistics regarding attendee phone usage. According to AT&T, fans ended up using more than 3.69 terabytes of data, which amounts to approximately 10.5 million social media posts (if they include photos). Granted, a large portion of those were probably the quintessential texts like “where are you” or “let’s meet by the ferris wheel,” but these numbers are downright staggering. The festival garnered around 30,000 people, so that would amount to 350 social media posts per person over the span of only four days.


Image Source: MsShinyShorts