This year, the global music community will have the opportunity to attend some of the most interesting festivals and events in the most unexpected and fascinating locations. From Turkish baths and English cheese-rolling festivals to sprawling American landscapes, the settings surrounding 2016’s event calendar are some of the most diverse and attractive to the adventurous traveler. None, however, match up to Iceland’s Secret Solstice festival, which will see a select group of attendees experiencing a live performance inside the magma chamber of one of the country’s dormant volcanos.

The full event is to be held in Reykjavik from June 16-19, when the country will be experiencing its 24-hour, night-less summer solstice. The volcano effort, to be held on Saturday for a very select group of 20 ticket holders, comes as a hefty one-up from the festival’s previous installment, when they held a party inside of an actual glacier in 2015. Guests will be flown inside the Thrihnukagigur volcano’s mouth via helicopter, where they will then descend an elevator shaft taller than the Statue of Liberty.


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Secret Solstice has yet to announce the act that will be performing inside of the volcano, but as director Fred Olafsson says, guests will surely be impressed.

“We have someone special, though we want attendees to be surprised when we announce who it is at a later stage. I will say that it will be an acoustic performance by a very famous name, and we promise guests will be impressed when we finally make the big reveal.”

Tickets for the exclusive volcano showing are currently projected to sell for $1920 each, which also includes a VIP ticket to the festival’s main events. The line up includes such esteemed acts as Radiohead, Deftones, Die Antwoord, Jamie Jones, Skream, Action Bronson and many more.

Check the full roster below, and click here to learn more about the event’s main attractions.