We’re still waiting for more information on Flume’s album, like a release date… but in the meantime, the Australian purveyor of the finest future bass has a new playlist of “essentials” now up on Spotify.

The playlist has a massive 63 tracks – unfortunately none of them are new Flume – that all span a wide variety of genres inside and out of dance music. From MF Doom to Eprom, Rustie to Kenton Slash Demon, Flume’s taste in music is vast.

You can check it all out below and wallow in the knowledge that we still don’t know when Skin will come out.

In addition, we have this brand spanking new remix from Wave Racer of Flume’s “Never Be Like You” and it truly amazing. Playing off of the original perfectly, Wave Racer turns the wonky bass sweeps up 100% and keeps everything sounding silky smooth. Check it.