Producers V A L E N T I N E and 3lo have just teamed up to release a stunning original as part of record label Zen Supremacy‘s latest compilation, Friends. Coming as the first part of a two-compilation series, Friends is made up entirely of submitted tracks from producers large and small. The one to follow, Family, will be featuring Zen Supremacy members themselves, and will be available April 27.

This time, V A L E N T I N E and 3lo’s track “Initiation” serves as the collection’s second to last installment; a heavy, trap heater full of unique synth work and a driving rhythm. It can currently be downloaded alongside the rest of Friends here.

The track begins with distant metal clanging and an onrush of white noise. A kick drum begins to punctuate the space as a short series of percussive hits leads upwards into the first drop. Impossibly large scrapes of synth swirl above a warm rhythm and rumbling sub bass, before the whole thing briefly transforms into a jersey club beat. The song is broken down into simpler elements before rising up once more, this time into a relentless hiss of bass synth that persists until its end.

Click here to download the entire compilation for free!