Record collective Midi보이즈 has just released its latest compilation, this time in the form of a widely diverse, 11-track collection of work that spans across several enticing, bass music-oriented genres. From slow and atmospheric hip hop rhythms to explosive trap heaters, the various styles and influences that permeate through the work manage to take listeners on a long and unexpected exploration through the best of what’s both nostalgic and current.

The work included by Umru, Vide & Drunkcat, Mister, Swayed WaysOctn and FrstMait make up the more hard-hitting, trap music half to v.20, and serve as bookends to an otherwise downtempo and ambient compilation. JonEcks, Woosta and Dook carry the soulful and relaxed end, introducing hip hop and R&B-centered tracks and cultivating a rich and meaningful break between the more aggressive tracks. Finally, 64 and Bimyo represent the more optimistic, future bass side of things, with songs that utilize bouncy, layered synths and a host of distorted vocal samples.

Listen to v2.0 in full below, and scroll further down for a free download.

Click here to download the compilation in full!