Our favorite New Zealand drum and bass duo has returned with a sinister vengeance only comprehensible through audible demonstration. With a hot list of time-slowing tunes as part of their De-Evolution series, the boys are finally ready to unleash their arsenal of productions to the public eye (and ear). After their ridiculously successful past album becoming an international DJ and crowd favorite, the general public is anxious and ready for whatever the team has locked and loaded for us next. The aforementioned series aims to lift off from Noisia‘s label Vision in installments from April 22nd until the end of 2016. Ooooof! With the first volume consisting of four original tracks and a collaboration with Ivy Lab, what better way could we enter our summer festival seasons, than with some brand new material from The Upbeats.

Characterized justifiably by its ominous namesake, the coinciding tune follows suit. Kicking off with a vibe so dark and malicious, the listeners are immediately forewarned of the utter “Doom” we all were in store for. With a buildup so threatening, and a rise so direly-ascended, the listening community has no choice but to forcefully shatter any preconception of how the drop will unfold onto it’s victimized fan base. Need I say more? In fact, I’ll just let you see for yourself.

The team is currently in preparation for a massive European, New Zealand and Australia tour. Don’t miss out on a chance to catch these guys wreck shop. Trust me, I’ve seen it myself. This is something you DON’T want to sleep on.


18/3/16            London            UK      Fabric

24/3/16            Norwich          UK      Waterfront

25/3/16            Dornbirn         Austria            Conrad Sohm

26/3/16            Kalgenfurt       Austria            Stereo

1/4/2016          Amsterdam     Netherlands     Melkweg/Noisia Invites

2/4/2016          Vienna             Austria            Mainframe

5/4/2015          Mayrhofen      Austria            Arena

15/4/16            Budapest         Hungary          Syma Hall

15/4/16            Ostrava             CZ                Trojhali Karolina

16/4/16            Stockholm       Sweden            Slakthuset

16/4/16            Winterthur      Switzerland     Salzhaus


22/4/16            Dunedin           NZ      10 Bar

23/4/16            Christchurch   NZ      The Bedford

24/4/16            Queenstown    NZ      Loco Cantina

29/4/16            Wellington       NZ      Bodega

30/4/16            Nelson              NZ       Elsewhere

1/5/2016          Brisbane          AUS    Jubuilee Hotel

6/5/2016          Adelaide          AUS    HQ Complex

7/5/2016          Auckland         NZ      Studio

13/5/16            Melbourne      AUS    Roxanne’s

14/5/16            Perth                 AUS    Villa

20/5/16            Sydney            AUS    Chines Leaundry

21/5/16            Canberra          AUS    The Basement


Image via Chelone Wolf