Sean Turk has arrived, and we couldn’t be more proud to premiere his take on DJ Snake’s “Middle.” We’re not sure where Mr. Turk came from, but rumor has it his roots are in hip hop and R&B, which makes absolute sense after listening to this dream of a remix.

Pumping some proper future bass flex against timely snare rolls, the entire track is given room to breathe, ebbing along for an emotional journey. Jessame’s vocal performance is altogether stunning, and combined with Turk’s lofty ideas, we’re met with a three minute soundtrack plucked straight from the clouds. And with an EP due out in May, Jessame has set the pace to gain some serious momentum in 2016.

Truly, this interpretation of DJ Snake’s “Middle” is a gorgeous assortment of gated synth swells that’s come just in time for festival season. I can only imagine how many aftermovies are going to feature this…

Have a listen below, and be sure to grab the track for yourself as a free download.

Sean Turk