When I was first sent this song, my mouth dropped to a subterranean level reality. My bare bones vibrated in perfect synchronization to the masterfully-leveled sub bass in cohesion with some of the most finely-tuned drums my ears have had the pleasure to listen to. The very skin in which lay so safely in harmony to my inner workings plunged into a beautiful chaos, and… dare I say it? I nearly imploded. I’m an absolute sucker for raw bass lines in parallel to a darker vibe. Wraith, an artist influenced straight from the Los Angeles drum and bass scene in collaboration with Avok painted an almost therapeutic picture of everything a neurofunk connoisseur craves on a daily(hourly) basis.

Picture yourself strapped in. A foggy, yet dimly visible windshield acts as the only defense between you and an ominously-chilling night. Eyes flared on nothing but the yellow lines scattered into the blacktop street, you turn that oh so familiar volume level to its peaks. Guess what’s playing?

This wretched example of a 2016 banger is available on May 2nd. Stay up to date on this release by following him on Soundcloud or on Facebook.