Atlanta-based bass duo Mantis have stopped by just after their newest EP release entitled Avidity to share their top 5 favorite tunes to keep a keen eye for in the coming year. Now normallllly I don’t really touch anything apart from drum and bass. Aptly speaking, there’s a drum and bass tune entitled “Depths” that not only made me lose my absolute [excretion] if you will, but it forced me to do an entire feature on a multi-genre release. If that doesn’t tell you to go out and give this one a listen, I don’t know what will.

(This is the one, by the way.)

False Panic – Horizon

This song is an absolute monster and goes off every single set!

Phiso – Jotaro

Probably one of the most played songs of last year and will continue to be played, an absolute banger!

Zomboy – Like a Bitch

This song is an absolute smasher, and tons of fun.

Skism & Trampa – Blackhole

The sound design in this song is off the charts.

Barely Alive – Scoop (Mayhem & Antiserum Remix)

This song was made by some close friends and is absolutely awesome.

You can purchase the EP here:

The duo will also be touring Europe this month with dates in Paris and London. If you’re in the area, we highly recommend you check them out. Links to the events on Facebook can be found below.

4/15 – Paris :
4/16 – London: