With past releases on such labels as OWSLA and Deconstruction Records, Jack Beats discography thus far bears testament to their quality output. Their new venture takes them to the much hyped Night Bass record label, helmed by the bass house innovator AC Slater. Their new EP, titled Work It, finds the English duo honing their sound to the night bass mold without compromising their penchant for delivering exceptional tracks.

The first track, “Work It,” finds Jack Beats refining the style that launched them to their current status. Equipped with deep synths and vocal splices straight out of classic house tracks, the kick-off to their EP is a reminder of the duo’s impeccable ear for dancefloor anthems. It tinges with some ghetto house influences, culminating into a whirlwind of varying styles that have defined house music since its inception. 

“Intermission,” the second track on the EP, opens the floodgates for Jack Beats’ unique spin on bass house. The wubby drop veers a bit too close to Jauz territory at points, but the duo manages to rein in the drop so that their characteristic sound shines through the clear influences.

Head over the Night Bass Records website to purchase the Work It EP for iTunes or Beatport and stream it using Apple Music or Spotify. Listen to the Work It EP below: