The dance music community is still in the midst of a healing process following the news of Avicii’s imminent retirement on Tuesday, and we’re already hit with another body blow. Deadmau5 has just released a statement that he, too, will be running his last batch of shows in 2016.

The move comes as a complete surprise to many, considering deadmau5’s miraculous bounce-back after a rather disastrous move last December when the Canadian artist removed the majority of his social media. Many believed that deadmau5 would be entering a new phase of live performance via his “Entropy” teasers, however this news kind of puts a damper on that.

Deadmau5 notes that he will still be making music, just as Avicii did, and so that means we’ll still get plenty of teasers and uploads on Soundcloud from time to time – and maybe even a new album in 2016.

Regardless, this news is not easy to swallow. Read Joel’s heartfelt statement to fans below:

deadmau5 retirement


Featured image via Rukes


(This is an April Fool’s.)