In response to scathing Facebook comments, Your EDM will no longer be covering Martin Garrix.

Yes, it breaks our hearts to announce that you’ll no longer be seeing us post about the Dutch producer’s upcoming label, speculating on his mysterious side projects, or even include him on our list of the Top 10 Ultra performances. However, we’ve finally stopped listening to “Animals” and have finally come to the realization that there’s more to dance music than the perfectly formed cheekbones of Martin Garrix.

Many of those following our Facebook page have voiced their disgust over our posts involving Martin Garrix, and too many of our readers have threatened to boycott our site if we continue to support his music. Your EDM understands that including him in roughly 5% of our content is unfair to you, the reader, and that in doing so we’re failing to support smaller artists, which make up a scant 94% of our posts.

It will be a difficult time moving forward, and in the coming days we’ll likely only publish articles involving Skrillex, perhaps a couple with Diplo, and we might even have to stoop to covering Kanye West. Whatever happens, know that in the end, we care deeply about your opinions and stand firm behind this decision.

After all, we’re Your EDM, not Your Martin Garrix.