Ever since he and his faithful companion in comedy, Nick Colletti, first burst onto the Vine scene, meme extraordinaire Getter has brought joy and laughter to a generation of Internet users with his hilarious and now-iconic routines. With millions of collective plays on his videos and a consistently growing fanbase, the comedian has won over the hearts of his followers time and time again. But as we’ve found out today, the man behind “Suh Dude?” is also some sort of music maker.

After scouring several online media publications and conducting a deep search through the bowels of Soundcloud, we’ve discovered that the myths are actually true. Over the last four years, it seems that funny man Getter has been secretly putting out dubstep-oriented dance tracks under the same pseudonym. We reached out to him for a comment on this startling realization.

“Uh…yeah? Producing music is what I do. Did you actually think I was only famous for those stupid videos?? No no, that’s just a joke thing I do on the side. Do people actually not know I’m a producer?? Oh god…” – Getter

Every day, Getter said, he walks down the street to the sound of hundreds of teenagers yelling “SUH DUDE” at him as he passes. Getter’s friends and family, who at one time acted as a dependable net of support and encouragement in his production pursuits, have now become a fanatic group of leeches that only check in on him when they want to be featured in one of his Vines. “All they want from me is a cheap laugh,” he said with his head in his hands. “They’ve completely forgotten about my music.”

In response to his predicament, he’ll soon be abandoning the trend of using colorful hair dye, instead permanently leaving it jet black, “like my soul,” he said. As of this week, Getter has broken off most of his contact with the outside world and has retreated to the furthest reaches of his bedroom. He can now be found clutching his pillow and listening to a My Chemical Romance and Dashboard Confessional mixtape on loop.

“I won’t let my memes define me. I’m way more than just a guy with a funny catch phrase, alright?? I’m a real artist who makes real shit. I just need some time to soul-search right now, okay? Please get out of my room.” – Getter

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Getter during this difficult time. The effects of meme-driven stardom are no laughing matter. Any producer experiencing similar symptoms should contact their nearest health professional immediately.