Torontonian Pusher has made a name for himself with his colourful 64-bit music and it’s great to see him back with his new music after some silence on the airwaves. There’s only been one Pusher track to his name, a remix, since the release of his last single almost a year ago, but with the EP set to roll out fairly soon Pusher is back when we needed him the most.

“Clear” sees Pusher return to his vibrant, happy-go-lucky style of bass music but with an even sweeter twist. From the opening notes, Pusher channels his inner kawaii with chimes and more to complement Mothica’s sweet vocals – dare we say shades of Porter Robinson? The rest of the track ebbs and flows smoothly as Pusher taps into his neverending box of samples to give the track a vibrant energy with which Mothica’s ethereal vocals really soar.

“Clear” falls somewhere between trap and future bass with just the dash of indie pop on my musical Richter scale and hopefully the rest of the EP will see Pusher continuing to incorporate his playful twist on conventional bass music.

Be sure to purchase the track on your platform of choice here as well!

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