Over the years, and in an unexpected turn of events, a simple line of dialogue from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi has become a nostalgic beacon for some of the foundations of modern trap music. “It’s a trap!,” spoken by Admiral Ackbar during the Death Star fleet attack, has been sampled and included as an instantly recognizable hook more times than we can count. In the dance music community, the phrase has now became a classic, throw-around that warns anyone in earshot of the impending drop.

Ackbar’s voice actor, Erik Bauersfeld, also made a cameo appearance in the recent film Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Unfortunately for Star Wars and music fans alike, however, he died Sunday morning in his Berkeley, California home. At 93 years old, Bauersfeld served as an iconic and pinnacle component of one of the most impactful film series’ in the history of cinema.

In the modern dance music circuit, his influence reached all the way to Atlanta’s TomorrowWorld music festival, where a stage was dedicated to his famous line for years. More recently, it was used by producer NGHTMRE as the title for an anti-smoking campaign.


Source: EDMTunes