I’ve done my fair share of interviews with artists, small and large, that have had a lasting impact on my perspective and paradigm of the music industry. It’s truly an irreplaceable added bonus when they’re artists that have had a personal lasting impact on me. This group is a prime example of one that’s etched some meaning into my wretched glass heart. With each song leaks passion. With each verse condensates love and meaningfulness in a way very few can replicate. Rudimental has remained (and I’m indubitably sure will continue to be) one of my favorite live acts of all time, and although many know me as a diehard junglist, I also consider myself an extremely well-versed connoisseur in various multi-genre climates. We’re extremely happy that Rudimental has granted us an interview after their hit sophomore album.

Wow, what an absolute honor it is to be having a word with you all. How is the tour life treating you?

Sick! This tour’s been wicked. It’s been amazing to see fans come out and sing along to the new record. We love our fans, and we especially like to party with them on stage.

As you all know with the massive success of your second album, Americans are MORE than anxious to see you perform. What are some of the stops you’re looking forward to most with your upcoming tour, and have you played them before?

NYC is always a vibe and I love San Francisco, California. There’s always a good feeling with US fans. They always embrace us. Travelling in such a big country, you get a different vibe in every state which is fun!

We see this tour features Gorgon City! Awesome. Tell us a bit about your relationship with them.

We’re good friends. We’ve been doing shows and bumping into each other for 3 years now. We’ve known Matt from Gorgon City for ages, done sessions etc. It’s going to be a wild tour with those guys cos we both love to party.

Moving a few steps back to your album, what are some of your favorite tracks from it, and why?

Personally my fave track is ‘Rumour Mill’ cos it’s got a summer house garage feel. Plus I love Anne Marie and Will Heard’s vocals. We love playing it in clubs but also it’s a vibe for driving in the car and getting ready to go out.

When creating a studio album such as this, what are some of your musical inspirations?

Soul and reggae were a big influences. House, garage, drum & bass are always important for our process. Coming from London you are surrounded by lots of different influences. Particular artists we love are Marvin Gaye, Sly and the Family Stone, Parliament, Funkadelic.

Do you have a certain artist/group you’d like to collaborate with in the future?

It would be amazing to collaborate with Adele and Lauren Hill.

We all know quite well the amount of energy that goes into your performances, be it live or a DJ set, does that come natural or do you get worn out on the road (like many do)?

Yeah we get worn out on the road. It’s physically very challenging. Eating healthy and going to gym is key, and yoga for peace of mind. Our show demands a lot but we enjoy every minute.

When you all aren’t on tour, what are some of your hobbies (other than music) that you all partake in?

Football, or soccer, as you guys say. We like to try out different food spots, make music and look after ourselves.

In closing, any last words for your die-hard fans at Your EDM?

Can’t wait to see you on tour and party with you guys!