New one today from Nine Lives, a remix of “Falling” by Opia. While the original focuses on funky, soul guitar licks and a band-like electronic rhythm, Nine Lives smooths everything out and gets sensual.

Vocals are still at the forefront of the mix, but the production in the background is infinitely more pronounced and, in my opinion, refined. Bass oscillations and large, sweeping synths pair brilliantly with the vibe of the original, proving that Nine Lives knows exactly what he’s doing.

It’s honestly a pet peeve of mine when a “remix” is just the vocals and rhythm of the original in the build, and then a completely separate chord progression in the drop. It feels lazy. Nine Lives has taken everything from the original, built on top of it, and come out with something that has, you could say, the same skeleton with a different outer shell. And it’s truly remarkable. Take a listen below!

Don’t forget your free download, either.