A beloved venue in Tampa, Florida has been destroyed by a fire that ripped through the premises late last night. Amphitheatre in Tampa has been home to a wide variety of artists over the course of its run as one of the leading venues for electronic music in the area.

Firefighters were called on the scene last night at approximately 6pm local time. Customers across the street at Hamburger Mary’s were the first to spot the flames, and bartender Mark Eary called 911.

“The police shouted up to get people off the balcony,” Eary said. “They were afraid there might be an explosion.”

According to ABC Action News, the fire raged for over six hours and was finally declared “under control” about 1:30am. If it’s any consolation, the building was reportedly ruled structurally sound after the fire was put out. Two firefighters were injured and taken “to an area hospital for treatment as a precaution. Both are expected to be OK.”

Promoters for HTG Events are looking to bring those who held Amp near and dear to their hearts to Orlando for a sort of “memorial” event. People affected by the blaze, those who called Amp home every week and/or worked at the venue, have changed their profile pictures in solidarity.

We will update you as more information becomes available.

We thank you for your concern – Everyone is safe. We will update you as soon as we can. #AMPFam

Posted by Amphitheatre Event Facility on Wednesday, April 6, 2016


via ABC Action News