I think we can all remember the Razer production tutorial from Carnage last October. Mired in controversy and negative reviews, Razer was forced to cut ties with Carnage or face an even stronger tongue-lashing from the public. Unless you follow Razer fervently, you probably missed the tutorials up until now: Spor/Feed Me, Project 46, Heatbeat, Varien and a couple more.

Razer is now looking to reignite their brand with a fresh couple of videos from deadmau5, featuring a tour around his newly finished studio, as well as a production tutorial with BSOD partner, Steve Duda.

“I’m fuckin’ done!”

Deadmau5’s studio is like a hardware nut’s wet dream, featuring a wide variety of “toys and gadgets,” like Eurorack modular or his ARP 2500 (Google these if you need to, we really won’t blame you). Other than his Twitch stream which he regularly frequents, this is the first in-depth tour we’ve gotten of the studio.

In addition to the tour of the studio, there’s also an 11-minute tutorial behind the melodic structure of his track “Imaginary Friends.” Joining him is Steve Duda who gives his own insight. The tutorial video is part one of two.