It might be Monday already, but we’d like to keep those wacky weekend vibes going for just a bit longer. Here to help us with that is weird-bass maestro, Pleasure, with a brand spankin’ new track that’s sure to tickle your gills.

As he’s constantly striving to redefine and enhance his sound, a release from this one of a kind beat-hustler is always something to look forward too; unsurprisingly, ‘Tuna Canoe’ does not disappoint. Booming 808 kicks meet sinister, 8-bit synth-lines in a cacophony of frequencies as aggressive as it is addictive. It sounds like someone’s copy of ‘Space Invaders’ gained sentience and began waging all out digital warfare on the nearby populace. The synthesized percussion elements are especially clever, with claps and snares literally splattering into the arrangement. In short, this tune is straight up raw; definitely add it to your collection if you’re about those space gangster vibes. The full stream and free download can be found below, so give it a listen and be sure to keep your ears open for more from this fast-rising artist.


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