There seems to be plenty of buzz in the blogosphere about the music festival fad these days. From the recent madness that was the first weekend of Coachella, to consistent annual editions and updates of hundreds of worldwide music-related events, to brand new ones popping up all the time, the demand to spend a weekend in front of massive stages filled with bountiful musicians shines brighter than ever as the modern cultural norm. This trend continues to ring true as a new music festival has been announced with an interesting perk behind it.

Moroccan port city Essaouira will be the host of a new music festival from October 14th through the 16th known as MOGA. Not only will the music festival aim to bring together Africa’s hometown electronic talents with other well-known global acts, but the Essaouira is also well known as one of the many filming location for the hit HBO television series Game Of Thrones. From rustic strongholds and breathtaking sights, Essaouira (formerly known as Mogador) will host MOGA with a lineup that has yet to be announced.

Hopefully, actor and DJ Kristian Nairn (a.k.a. Hodor on Game Of Thrones) will make an appearance to have GoT fans fully immersed in another edition of his notorious “Rave of Thrones” for MOGA music festival!

Check out this video to feel the hype!


H/T: Beatport