To the chagrin of many, and even despite our best guesses, Calvin Harris didn’t play a lick of new music this past weekend at Coachella. Fortunately, Coachella is now two weekends and that means two opportunities to premiere new material. And based on the recent changes to his social media, we’re guessing it’s coming soon, and it could actually be a collab between Calvin Harris & Taylor Swift.

Yesterday, after posting many brilliant photos of his set at the Coachella main stage, Calvin also changed his profile picture and cover photo to an image of a lightning bolt striking a mountain range on a blue background.

calvin teaser image

On its own, this would already create a lot of hype. But interestingly enough, Calvin’s sweetheart Taylor Swift was seen walking around Coachella donning a jacket with the same image on it.

taylor swift_coachella_calvin teaser_billboard


This could very well just be Taylor supporting her beau and adding to the mystique, but obviously, we’re hoping for the Calvin and Taylor collaboration we’ve all been waiting for. And if Taylor actually comes on stage during Calvin’s set? It might actually be one of the biggest moments in Coachella history.


H/T EDMTunes