With Tiësto‘s longstanding dominion over the modern dance music circuit, it no longer comes as a surprise when the Dutch legend dips his toes into previously untouched areas of the greater genre. Ever since the creation of his record label Black Hole Recordings and the subsequent debut of his first album, In My Memory, his preferences and musical home base have consistently evolved and grown, leading him to explore many new areas and find his own place amongst them.

From humble trance beginnings then came a gradual shift into the more progressive house-oriented realms. Collaborations with the likes of Calvin Harris and more pop-inclined vocalists eventually led to an entirely new direction for Tiësto, catalyzing the creation of his Musical Freedom in tandem with the release of his 2009 album, Kaleidoscope.

Ever since then, the sound coming out of the Tiësto camp is one that has largely characterized the global perception of EDM’s core. The euphoric, soaring melodies of his prog house tracks have become a staple in the mainstream electronic music community, allowing the reach and influence of his work to extend far past most others in the genre.

Today, however, we are witnessing another shift in Tiësto’s style. Through his Instagram page this morning, he announced the inception of a brand new record label, directed specifically at deep house, called AFTR:HRS. The label, Tiësto said, was crafted as a way for him to share some of the tunes that he’s always enjoyed but has never been able to find a platform for.

“I have always loved playing deep house and more mellow tracks in my radio show and my live shows, but I also love to listen to it when I drive or go out late night/early morning! I wanted to create a new label just to release these types of tracks. So today, I am launching @aftrhrsrecords. Get ready for some great music!”

Check out his post below, and get ready to experience a brand new side to Tiësto.


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