Much like Hyper Potions did, Slips & Slurs became a Monstercat instant success story, cementing himself as one of Monstercat’s top trap producers with the release of his debut single “Divided” last year. Since then, Slippy – as his loyal fanbase calls him – has remained fully loyal to Monstercat, releasing strictly with the label.

People who got used to Slippy’s trap style will need to forget everything they thought they knew about him; “WiFi Tears” – Slips & Slurs’ first-ever collaboration with English bass producer Mihka! – is like nothing you’ve heard from him yet. The track is a hard-hitting hybrid of dubstep and future bass. While the future bass drop enhances the overall flavor of the track, the dubstep drop is what’s really impressing me here. Neither artist is very familiar to the genre, but together, they managed to create one of the arguable best dubstep drops Monstercat has seen this year.

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