This one is for those looking for not just something on the chiller side of the spectrum, but a true musical escape. Reno-based beat smith, HullabaloO, has put in tons of work to make sure his latest release is a sonic portal to another dimension.

Entitled Under the Oak Tree, the release features six perfectly composed original tracks, each a different shade of trippy than the next. The combination of his jazz pianist roots and supremely well-layered sound design are a match made in heaven, resulting in a concoction that can only be described as progressive glitch. The atmosphere here is ethereal and darkly psychedelic; think kLL sMTH meets Bonobo and you’ll start to get an idea of what we mean. There’s even a smattering of trap vibes sprinkled throughout the album, with crisp hi-hat rolls and blunt 808 hits bumping and grinding under the more ambient textures. The bass lines are rich, the synths are syrupy, and the progression of the album can’t be denied; this is a journey for the inside of your mind.

HullabaloO has released Under the Oak Tree via Street Ritual; the EP can be purchased in it’s entirety on Addictech, so make sure to grab a copy if you’re feelin’ the vibes. In the meantime, check out the full stream after the jump.


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Art: Diego Zion