We don’t normally put the track at the beginning of an article, but like ripping off a bandaid, it’s appropriate in this case.

The unfortunate reality that anyone actually had to listen to this is saying enough. Someone would actually have to¬†try to make something this bad. It couldn’t have happened on accident – this was completely intentional. Even more sad is that Kylie Jenner has such strong presence in society (for some reason) that even putting her name on something so abysmally awful will do nothing but bolster her already irrational social standing.

When we first listened to this track, we actually thought this was a Soundclown. But honestly, that community might actually be embarrassed by something like this, and that’s saying something.

The Soundcloud comments alone are worth the price of admission, detailing just how ridiculous and awful this track truly is. Even Kylie’s intro on the track sounds like word vomit, sing-saying, “I’ve never been on a song before…”

To even call this music would be an insult to the playtime of a toddler with a plastic xylophone. And yet, inevitably, Kardashian fanatics will eat this up. It’s like a perfect crime on art, and the sad thing is that no one will be held accountable.

Someone actually had to think this was a good idea! Think about that!