Today, we’ve got a double feature for you all! As part of Rene LaVice’s massive remix EP entitled Play With Fire Deluxe, we at Your EDM are proud to premiere his jungle flip to his own historic banger “Lights Out” featuring David Boomah, along with Rene LaVice’s own top 5 tunes to head bang to. After the indubitable success of his flawless second album, it’s only right for the legend himself to twist his own productions into a tightly-packaged VIP release. With his distinct and signature engineering along with the recognizably-raw LaVice bassline,  we encourage you once again to fasten your seat belts – as it’s time for banger!

Those of you that consistently catch yourself time and time again stepping to the old school junglist vibe in a sweaty underground warehouse at 4 in the morning, this one has your name all over it.

That being said, it wouldn’t be a proper Rene LaVice setlist without an armory of headbanger tunes. What better selection to choose from than those of the man himself?

1. Calyx & Teebee – Panic Attack

Anyone who suffers from anxiety disorder can relate to this one. The frantic bassline keeps rushing forth creating a great surplus of energy for any DJ set. Who’d have thought a panic attack could be enjoyable!

2. Delta Heavy – Oscillator

I love it when a tune sounds gnarly and twisted. I love switching over to this track during my sets and giving the crowd a little electric shock!

3. Audio – Now The Future

Vibe! This track is just so badass… It’s got that classic tech step feel with the stabs, and the way the kick drum hits, it reminds me of how east coast hip hop used to thump in your chest (and still does). It also sounds like a manic futuristic mess… in a good way. I must be in a mood today.

4. Mampi Swift – I Exist

Another large riff from Mampi Swift! I love how chunky his sound is. It’s melodic but it hits like a ton of bricks.

5. The Upbeats – Dungeon

Yeah, I’m officially moody today. This track is gully! It’s like a heavy metal tune from the ghetto. If this thing wore bling, it would be a ten-ton bazillion carrot gold chain around a rottweilers neck. Badass.