Social media is an interesting platform and development in our lifetime. Before the advent of the internet, when you wanted to find information, you had to go to a library or a university professor versed in the appropriate subject. Now, when I want to find out the name of that cat island in Japan, the information is right at my fingertips. (It’s Tashirojima, by the way.)

Social media, like any other media, can also be used to spin stories. For instance, at this year’s Ultra, deadmau5 & Marshmello tell two conflicting tales. At the time, Marshmello tweeted this:

Now, that would have been the end of it if not for the Great Deadmau5 Tweets Of 2016. In the middle of his acrostic rampage across EDM, deadmau5 also dropped some history.

Now you see how there can be two completely separate sides to a story. Marshmello actually saw these and responded with his own side of things.

To be clear, we’re not saying that anyone is at fault in this situation, nor is this a situation wherein anyone could realistically place “fault” on any person – nothing was really “done.” But it’s at least curious to see how two completely different sides to a story can come about.

Maybe Marshmello is right in the end, though. I think we’d all like to just give Joel a hug.