You want to gather a bunch of really stupid people together? Throw a music festival.

Now, by no means are we saying that every person at a music festival is stupid. That, in itself, would be stupid. But it’s inevitable that an environment like that would attract at least a couple hundred idiots. Case in point, this video from Break of a couple “pranksters” at Coachella who “smuggled” in a “fake drug” that was actually water and got more than a dozen people to actually take it.

People. DO NOT TAKE DRUGS FROM STRANGERS. If there was comprehensive drug education in this country, that would probably be in the first day of lessons.

The good news is that at least a couple people in the video were responsible adults. The bad news is that far too many succumbed to peer pressure once they saw someone else, a fake plant, doing it.

One of the scary parts of the video is how the woman with the dropper gives such an inconsistent description of what the “drug” will do, and what she compares it to, and people really didn’t care. They were just interested in having a good time regardless of the possible consequences. This is how people die at festivals.