California superduo ARMNHMR has been on a meteoric rise since the start of 2016, and their new single “Trauma” certainly proves their mettle. Their upcoming EP, Infinite, is all but guaranteed to be a masterwork, and this track is all the proof you need. It spares no time in revealing its epic nature either, as the intro portrays a blissful combination of vocal modulations and a church organ.

Euphoria ensues as the enchanting vocalist unsheathes her magical serenade. Before you have time to revel in her captivating glory, a wooden snare warns you of the massive journey you’re about to endure. The quintessential riser makes its appearance alongside the double-timed percussion line, and your mouth goes agape as you are left in immense anticipation. The drop hits, unleashing what I consider to be a masterful juxtaposition of jungle terror synths and trap percussion. I won’t reveal too much, as I want the experience to be as riveting as possible, but each drop provides a completely unique offering to the trap gods that is sure to give your speakers a run for your money.

Check it out for yourself below!