We talk a lot about deadmau5 on Your EDM – we’ll be the first to admit it. He’s a prolific and talented artist who never fails to stir the pot, and he does so in a way that gets everyone’s attention whether they want to give it or not.

Yet behind all that Twitter angst and fierce tongue, there’s a completely genuine person who just wants to do right by his fans. Deadmau5 apparently recently had a feature in the New York Times, and the publication found it appropriate to dig up footage from the 2013 documentary Deadmau5: The Man, The DJ, The Music. In the clip from the documentary, Joel expresses his unwillingness to sit back and let the money flow in without anything in return.

“Now all of a sudden, I’m worth millions, and I feel like I need to justify that. Always. I would hate to think that someone out there would believe that I’m making millions of dollars and just going out bottle popping and flying on jets. I’m not. Literally, money in money out is my thing right now. I would feel bad about hoarding all that.”

More than anything, this interview paints deadmau5 as an incredibly humble and loyal individual who just wants to do his best by his fans. Sure, he has a couple super cars and a mansion with a new studio. But he is constantly streaming his production or gaming sessions, and he’s been pushing out music at an incredible pace these last six months.

This is inevitably leading up to a new album, for which we simply cannot wait.

via New York Times | Image via Rukes