Yesterday, producers Diplo and DJ Snake took to Twitter in an outrage to call out David Guetta for his newest track “This One’s For You,” made specifically for the UEFA Euro 2016. During their one-sided assault, the two claim that the track is “horrible” and a “fake ‘Lean On,’” borrowing too heavily from the internationally popular 2015 hit.

In our own analysis, we determined that the two tracks, while perhaps derived from similar sounds, sounded nothing alike. At least not enough to warrant the blatant accusations that Diplo & Snake lobbied toward Guetta. However, we also put a poll on Twitter and asked our followers whether they felt the songs sounded alike. The options were: Absolutely; Not at all; They sound similar; and I don’t know.

Out of almost 1200 responses, only 21% said that they absolutely sound the same. The most, 36%, said that they just sound similar. 29% said that they didn’t sound alike at all, and 14% just didn’t have an opinion.

There are really too many times that people are quick to call out a track for being a rip off of another track when they’re only tangentially similar. Calling out plagiarism is a serious accusation, and one that shouldn’t be so easily forgiven because the tracks have the same 4-chord loop. Have you listened to pop music these days?

Once again, you can compare the tracks below.