When you talk about electronic music, it’s hard not to mention Daft Punk. With an instantly memorable name and equally memorable music, Daft Punk set the tone for electronic music in the past decade after their groundbreaking performance at Coachella.

However, their road to stardom wasn’t always so smooth. Like any musical group, they experienced bumps along the way, including the critically maligned release of their third album, Human After All. However, as we know Daft Punk today – a pair of masked, successful, French musicians – a small blight like that on their record does little to distract from the massive success that Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter have achieved since they began making music together in the early ’90s.

The infographic below takes you along most of the major moments in their career. Travel down memory lane below, and listen to “One More Time” as your soundtrack:

daft punk infographic