If you have been keeping up with The Disco Fries’ podcast “Liftoff Radio” on iTunes from month to month, you should already know what you’re in for. An expert-level balance of genres with tracks that will have you nodding your head all day.

The latests episode, however, is exactly what you need to add to your summer playlists. By taking the vibe a bit deeper than usual, Disco Fries creates a master track list that is impossible to keep yourself from dancing along. Some of the more notable tracks coming from Chris Lake’s remix of “Nothing Like This” by Blonde and Craig David, as well as “Money Maker” by Throttle.

Worthy of its own mention is Halogen and Niko The Kid’s remix of Lost King’s “You” featuring Katelyn Tarver. Up and coming duo Halogen has been making some serious waves having also released their own edit of Disco Fries “Born Ready” that may rival the original track.

Check out the latest episode of Liftoff Radio with the Disco Fries here!