Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Dillon Francis, Getter and Nick Colletti played a collection of 6 celebrity DJs who all lived in a house together on a reality show competition vying for a $5,000 prize and a one-way ticket to Las Vegas? Have you ever wanted that to be a bi-weekly thing? If you answered “probably not” to one or both of those questions, then too bad!

DJ World is being called a “straight-to-web-digital-first-live-action-unscripted-series” and will be aired bi-weekly on Dillon Francis’ YouTube channel. While this first episode serves mainly as an introduction to the characters and series, you can probably expect a lot more involved shenanigans in the coming weeks.


May 24 – DJ World Episode #1
May 26 – DJ World Episode #2
May 31 – DJ World Episode #3
June 2 – DJ World Episode #4
June 7 – DJ World Episode #5
June 9 – DJ World Episode #6
June 14 – DJ World Episode #7


Featured image via Rukes