In anticipation of its final June 24 release date, Australian beatmaker Ta-ku has teamed up with vocalist Wafia to unveil their upcoming (M)edian EP‘s first single through record label Future Classic. “Meet in the Middle” represents the desolate yet shimmering emotional tone expected of Ta-ku’s major releases, and features gentle, intimate vocals from both himself and Wafia. The result is an anthemic ballad that utilizes immense sonic space and refined production to create an instantly impactful and memorable connection with the listener.

“‘Meet In The Middle’ is truly a collaborative effort between me and my friend Wafia. All aspects of the song tell a story that runs parallel to both our lives. Compromise is sacrifice.” – Ta-ku

The backbone of the album, according to the two, stems from their independent relationships with their fathers. Compromise and sacrifice are two ideas that heavily permeate the song’s lyrics, seemingly arranged as an outcry or plead. Whether this feeling is something that the two currently carry, or if the track serves strictly as a window into their pasts, we cannot say. Regardless, the weight and significance of the concepts that are approached are enough to quiet down and draw in even the most skeptical viewer.

“This song came out of a need to write about a very personal experience that both Reggie and I shared independently of each other. ‘Meet In The Middle’ is about finding the middle ground to communicate that to someone.” – Wafia

It begins with Ta-ku and Wafia’s exchanging vocals above simple yet raw percussion strikes and distant atmospheric elements. A droning bass synth growls softly below the spotlight as melancholy swells permeate the spaces between the vocals. Eventually, the percussive elements are replaced with a striking and multi-layered piano takeover, providing a platform for the track’s emotional peak. The leading vocals are finally stripped away, leaving a grandiose ending punctuated by strings and sharply echoing drum hits.