Earlier this month, Deadmau5 finally cracked under the weight of masked producer Marshmello‘s “annoying” tweets. After telling his followers about Deadmau5 flipping him off during Ultra Miami, Marshmello set into motion an ongoing line of disdain between Deadmau5 and himself, which most recently surfaced when Deadmau5 tweeted out a snide acronym using Marshmello’s name. Now, he’s taken it another step further.

On Friday, Marshmello tweeted at Deadmau5 asking whether or not he would play basketball with him. In response, Zimmerman criticized Marshmello’s “winning formula” of putting a bucket on his head and publicly mentioning Deadmau5 every week.

After calling him “annoying,” Zimmerman went on to call out his “brain-dead posse of deaf sheep.”

Read the ongoing exchange below.