If there’s anyone who can’t help but comment on everything, it’s deadmau5. For the man with an opinion on everything and a filter for nothing, considering he has commented on Skrillex & Justin Bieber separately in the past, it seemed inevitable that he would get his hands dirty with this one.

If you’re just joining us, here’s a quick recap. Skrillex helped to produce “Sorry,” a song that came out on Justin Bieber’s recent album, Purpose. In that song, there is a quick 4-note sequence that sounds similar to a sequence found in the song “Ring The Bell” by White Hinterland. Last Thursday, it was reported that White Hinterland, real name Casey Dienel, was suing Skrillex & Justin Bieber. The following day, Skrillex shared an Ableton Live session that showed him recreating the allegedly stolen sample.

That same day, though we missed it at the time, deadmau5 was eagerly commenting on the situation and the actual likelihood that Dienel had a legitimate case.

Many people have likened this case to the similar legal battle that surrounded Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” song last year. The similarity alone, regardless of whether it was actually stolen or not, can often be enough for a judge to rule in the plaintiff’s favor. Because the sequence is at least vaguely similar, and because White Hinterland’s song was at least moderately popular, and also allegedly found on Diplo’s hard drive, and since Skrillex and Diplo work together and he’s “likely” to have heard the track, Dienel has a legitimate case.

Many people looking beyond just the music similarities into the legal ramifications conclude that Skrillex and/or Justin Bieber and his team will likely have to settle this legal dispute.