When we first heard that Major Lazer would be making back-to-back albums in 2015 and 2016, it was a little hard to believe. Peace Is The Mission did so well commercially, not to mention the massive hit that “Lean On” has become, they could have waited another couple of years if they wanted to. Instead, Diplo & co. have decided to capitalize on that hype and drop another album, due out later this year.

However, first, we have a new single coming out this summer, “in a couple weeks” according to Diplo, from the new album. This single will feature MØ and Justin Bieber, in what we’re affectionately calling “Lean On Ü Now” – just kidding, the official title is “Cold Water.”

Unfortunately, Diplo leaves us with just that news and not even a snippet of the track. But we’re sure that it’s going to pop up in the next couple of weeks, anyway.


Image via DMahoney Photo