Fresh off the Soundcloud press is an entire new volume from underground giants, Daruma. These guys have been endlessly churning out some of the best compilations, sifting through only the finest and freshest tunes to include in their now-legendary albums. One of the standout tracks on Daruma Vol. 7, “Reflect,” comes from Sober Rob, an up-and-comer whose recent support includes none other than the legendary Craze.

Starting off with some wonky synth work reminiscent of a deranged carnival, “Reflect” sets up its dark and dirty vibes right off the bat. It doesn’t take long for the bass to come in, as Sober Rob brings simple yet extremely effective drums into the mix to really hit you hard. A plucking bass sound similar to “Icy” can be heard in the background, bringing a tasteful feeling of nostalgia to this piece. The interlude brings a tempo change, slowing things down before the track really gets down and dirty. When the second drop comes in, “Reflect” becomes a slow trap banger fit for a Hucci set. A huge sub booms underneath the drums, adding some serious depth to the intricate synth work, all without overpowering the mix.

Stream the track below and be sure to grab the entire Daruma Vol. 7 compilation HERE!