Following on the heels of their seventh, full-length compilation release, record label Daruma has just put out their most recent single, this time in the form of a simmering, downtempo original from producers Dirty Chocolate and MYRNE alongside vocalist JJ. Having been featured on Vol. 007 himself, MYRNE is no stranger to the ever-expanding Daruma family.

His own brand of original beats, thus far, had been mostly comprised of high-flying, explosive future bass and trap heaters. Working with Dirty Chocolate on a much more relaxed and stripped down vibe, he said, was a new experience.

“I was always a fan of high-energy beats, so linking up and working with Dirty Chocolate’s refined, chillout sound was a pleasant surprise. Collaborations are all the more interesting if the producers are worlds of music apart.”

The workflow was smooth and quick, he said, having only thrown the track back and forth a few times before the finishing touches were put into place. “We’re definitely down to do another one in the near future,” he said.

In Daruma’s timeline, “Intermission” comes as its second official single, having only curated noteworthy compilations prior. The label’s main pursuit, MYRNE said, is to break down barriers between its members from around the globe in order to highlight high quality content from all mediums.

“Our goal is to find a way to immerse all of the senses. We don’t focus on the underground nor do we focus on cutting edge. We want to embody anything that can be considered to be good.”

“Intermission” begins with JJ’s vocals in the spotlight above light synth ripples and distant percussion hits. The tempo eventually emerges as new layers of atmospheric elements are added and mixed, culminating in a melancholy back-and-forth between light piano trills and a slow, echoed string. A lively, pulsating series of restrained future bass synth hits eventually takes over the focus, until it’s replaced by JJ’s words once again.

The track will be available for purchase and download via iTunes, Spotify and more on Tuesday.